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Thinking About Making Millions On Youtube? A 9 Year Old Did It!

Is it just me or do other parents of toddlers and young kids walk around singing Wheels on the Bus or other nursery rhymes without even knowing? Then you catch yourself doing it and most likely a tiny smile shapes your face as you tell yourself, “I can’t believe I was just singing that song.” In addition to these nursery rhymes that are on repeat on Youtube at our house, for a year I noticed Eric, who is now two and a half, watching videos of a young boy playing and showing off toys. I didn’t think much about it at first but eventually, I noticed the number of views his videos had and that’s when I went straight to Google to try and find out who this boy is and what the story is behind his videos with billions of views. What I discovered blew my mind.

Ryan Kaji is the star of the YouTube channel, Ryan’s World, and is now running his own multi-million dollar business. His niche on YouTube is toys, so he is being paid millions of dollars literally to have fun as any child should do!

Born in 2011, Ryan Kaji started his YouTube career at the young age of three, and is only nine years old now! Of course, his parents helped him to get started, and while many kids are content playing with their toys by themselves in their bedroom, Ryan preferred to share his toys online with the world.

How did Ryan earn his fortune?

Ryan started off posting on YouTube in 2015, under the channel name Ryan ToysReview. He shared toy demonstrations, unboxings, and reviews with kids and adults around the world. Ryan’s World was featured in Forbes’ YouTube rich list, as he earned a whopping $37 million in just one year from his channel. This led him to become the highest earner on YouTube in 2019, primarily thanks to his popular unboxing videos. Ryan is an energetic and enthusiastic host and offers frank and honest opinions on a wide variety of toys. Since its launch, he’s received over forty billion views on YouTube, with his most popular video having two billion views by itself!

Most of Ryan’s earnings come from his video views on YouTube, where he earned $26 million in 2019 alone! As with any other online influencers, he also earns money from other engagements and sponsorships, and this year he launched Ryan’s World, which is a virtual world from the videogame platform Roblox Corp. At just nine years old, Ryan is worth a whopping $32 million, which continues to increase thanks to lucrative brand deals and sponsorships. He also appeared on Nick Jr. in Ryan’s Mystery Playdate and published a book and two magazines.

Ryan’s Product Launches

One of the keys to Ryan’s success is his diversification of products and offerings. With toys, video games, and a whole host of YouTube channels, he has multiple income streams to protect his earnings. As you can imagine, at Ryan’s age, he is still getting plenty of help from his parents, who manage his career and sponsorship deals. They are the producers of the channel, and you’ll see them pop up in almost all of his videos. The family still lives in Texas, and Ryan lives a reasonably normal life with his twin sisters.

Ryan is an inspiration to potential entrepreneurs of any age, and it just shows you what can be achieved if you find your niche and go all in. If a nine-year-old can do so can you. Sure, he had the help of his parents. You can find mentors to help you so stop getting in your own way and go for it.

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