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You Are One Idea Away From Your Genius!


Why are so many of us afraid of it?

Are you afraid what others might say?

Are you afraid of getting out of your comfort zone?

Are you afraid of rejection?

Before you took your first steps, you failed hundreds of times. Did your mom or dad tell you to stop trying?

The worst outcome of failure is all in our imagination.

Can you imagine if these men feared failure?

The world would have been deprived of their genius.

What are you depriving the world of?

You have an idea. Stop thinking about it and just jump.

Sure, you might land funny, get hurt but at least you’ll know what is on the other side.

And the worst thing that can happen is you gaining a wealth of experience, knowledge, and wisdom that you don’t have today.

Without failure, there is no learning!

Without learning, there will be regrets!

You are one idea away from your genius!

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