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Want to get promoted? Establish these 7 habits

If you are sick of being overlooked for a promotion within your current company, it’s time to make some small changes to help you get noticed. There are certain habits that help individuals to get promoted, as a promotion involves far more than just performing well at your job. You’ll need to prove your dedication and work ethic to the decision-makers in your company, and by following these habits below, you’ll have a greater chance of being noticed next time a promotion is up for grabs.

Problem Solving Mindset

This is by far the most important habit. You need to train your mind to always be in the habit of identifying problems and recommending solutions. You should keep a log of problems you observe or hear from others that go beyond the boundaries of your immediate team. Then focus on solving just one of these problems a year with the criteria being picking a problem that you are able to solve and it will get the attention of those at a more senior level than yourself. Not only this will get you in front of the right people but will also help create a very healthy and positive personal brand.

Make Yourself Irreplaceable

In order to line yourself up for a promotion, you need to get yourself noticed. You want to set yourself up within your team as a person who cannot be replaced. Try to become the go-to person for certain tasks, so you aren’t overlooked or dismissed by your leaders.

Set Goals

To have a greater chance of promotion, you need to go to work every day with a clear goal in mind. Sit down with your boss and discuss in full your plans and aspirations for the upcoming year. Be very open about your interest in a promotion, so that your boss can help nurture you and give you feedback to help you improve your work performance and leadership skills.

Always Learn and Get Involved

Learning never stops in life, so whatever stage of your career you’re in, you can always keep studying and reading to improve your job performance. Try to broaden your interests and skillset by attending conferences and webinars, and taking part in work projects outside of your basic job requirements. Go above just your basic job description and get involved in other events and projects to show your commitment to your company.

Be a Great Team Player

As well as having excellent leadership skills, an essential part of being a leader or a manager is being able to work with your team. Go above and beyond to help others in your team, and volunteer your services whenever someone is struggling for time or with a project. On top of this, it’s important to showcase your leadership skills whenever the opportunity arises. By taking charge of group projects, you’ll be able to demonstrate your ability to lead and work under pressure.

Document Your Achievements

Keep a running record for yourself of your accomplishments and positive feedback. You need to be able to be your own Prep and you can’t do this from memory alone. This will come in handy in future promotion interviews and will allow you to demonstrate your development during your time at your current company.


Try to take every opportunity you are presented with to meet new people within your company. The more people you meet and converse with, the greater chance your name will come up when future promotions are discussed.

By establishing these simple habits, you’ll begin to be noticed more within your current organization, and your name is much more likely to be considered when the next promotion spot is available. Remember, you can always improve your skills and develop your leadership skills regardless of where you are in your career. By making yourself indispensable to your company, you won’t be overlooked for promotion as they won’t want to risk losing you.

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