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How To Reshape Your Mindset In 30 Days

Mindset is the difference maker when you are at the elite level. Many basketball players had equal or better athletic abilities than Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant but what set them apart from everyone else was their mindset. One way to manage and shape your mindset is to be conscious of the vocabulary you use. The words you use change your focus and what you focus on will show in your physiology. Have you ever tried being sad while cheering because your favorite sports team is about to win a close game? Or your favorite band is about to perform your favorite song? It’s very difficult to do both at the same time. Try it right now. Stand up and begin cheering with all the movement you would naturally do. Throwing hands up in the air, screaming, jumping. At the same time try to act sad and depressed. It’s going to be almost impossible.

The way you talk, and think can have a huge impact on your career as well. Today I’m going to share with you ten phrases that you’ll likely never hear an ultra-successful say. Try to eliminate these phrases from your vocabulary to slowly change your mindset. With the changing mindset, you will naturally take certain actions that you might not have taken before.

“I can’t do that.”

Ultra-successful today will think outside of the box and find a solution to any troubles that may arise. No isn’t a word that’s in their vocabulary, and they work to solve challenges to improve customer satisfaction.

“That’s too late at night.”

The time of day doesn’t matter to ultra-successful people. Dinner after a long day at work is no big deal to someone who understands the connections they might make during this event.

“That’s too early in the morning.”

At the same time, it’s never too early to get going in the morning either. If there is an opportunity to meet someone who might help you in the future or who you may want to collaborate with, you’ll do anything to find time in your busy schedule to meet with them.

“I don’t know what this is.”

A common mistake many people make is saying they don’t know about something and making no effort to find out what it is. While honesty is always the best policy, your response to a topic you’ve never heard of should be that you haven’t heard of it, but you’ll find out more about it.

“I’m not sure how to do that.”

This is another phrase that you’ll never hear an ultra-successful person say, and instead, they’ll be trying to find a way to learn the skill they don’t know how to do. Whether it’s learning a new language or working with a new computer system, to help you get ahead in life, you need to be willing to tackle challenges head-on.

“We can catch up sometime.”

This is a very vague and non-committal phrase that rarely leads to any form of partnership. If you want to make connections and get ahead with your business, you’ll find the time and make an effort to build your network.

“I came up with this idea.”

In the same manner, as not crediting your team for their hard work, you’ll also find that ultra-successful people will never take all of the credit for a successful project. Instead, they’ll thank everyone involved in the work for their efforts.

“I’m not good enough.”

Self-confidence is one of the biggest tools to help you get ahead in life. Even if you believe you aren’t good enough or smart enough, it’s something you’ll never want to say out loud. By telling yourself this, you only reinforce this fact in your mind when it’s likely very far from the truth.

My challenge to you is that for the next 30 days avoid using these phrases. By doing this you can reprogram your mind and increase your self-confidence. The way you talk to yourself can increase your chances of success in the world of business, so ensure everything you are saying serves a purpose to help you move towards your dreams.

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