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Discover the Secret Behind a Successful Business Plan

Whether it’s your own business or company, or if you lead a team in an organization, what tends to happen very often is you focus on creating a business plan to guide you on how to take things to the next level. There is temporary excitement as you finalize the plan, but this excitement quickly fizzles out. So many individuals today tackle business plans in this manner and then never look at the plan again until the following year when they create a new one. The issue with this approach is that the focus is all on the business instead of incorporating your personal goals and desires into the plan. To sustain your excitement level about your business plan it also needs to help you grow as an individual. Incorporate the below into your business plan and you will see the magic happen.


In what ways do you want to improve in regard to your family and relationships. For example, how you could improve as a father or mother. Will your business plan allow you to improve in this area? If not, you need to update your business plan to be very explicit on how your business will reward you the time you need to focus on this area.


A business plan is never going to work if you can’t finish your work each day because you’re exhausted. Health is an extremely important part of a business plan, and you should set yourself goals and steps to achieve these health goals. Consider whether you need to find a personal trainer, adjust your diet, or make other changes to create a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

Personal Development

If you are not learning and growing, you will not be happy. Firstly, set yourself a target for the number of books you will read. Select new subjects to study for the year, and for best results, these will be new subjects that can also positively impact your business. Associations and new mentors can also be listed under this category.

Issues to Resolve

Instead of starting your plan with numbers and goals, your first area to look at should be things you need to resolve. This could be personal, financial, or work-related issues that are getting in the way of you being able to be laser-focused on your business and personal goals. ONce you have identified them on paper your first priority is to overcome these issues. There is nothing more damaging to your goals than a mind clouded with unnecessary worrying, not being able to think straight, and anxiety.

Business Goals

Start by heading back to your previous year’s goals and look at what percentage of your business goals you achieved in the last year. By highlighting your achievements, you can understand why you are far away from certain goals and how you achieved success in some areas. Write down goals for specific areas in your business that are measurable so you can track these goals in the next year.

Selfish Goals

Selfish goals help to motivate you every day, and they will vary based on your personal interests and passions. B base each goal on a certain monetary value or achievement. You’ll then feel comfortable rewarding yourself with this selfish purchase, as you’ll know how hard you’ve worked to accomplish this goal.

By incorporating your own growth and desires into your business plan, you’ll find you are far more driven than you would be with a generic business plan. This will increase the chances of you achieving your personal and business plans as they are linked.

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