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6 Reasons Why You CAN'T Give Up

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

According to this Forbes article, 80% of Entrepreneurs who start a business fail within the first eighteen months. 8 out of 10 businesses that were started with heart and hope, crash. Why? Sometimes it is poor planning, lack of execution experience or maybe the idea wasn’t good to start with. Yet too often, it is because someone gave up. Maybe they gave up on themselves, their ideas or their purpose… but they gave up.

These statistics are daunting and a touch heartbreaking, yet there is another part of this equation that is far more important, which is that 20% of Businesses succeed after those first 18 months.

Following the strategies and steps I have outlined in my soon to be published book, Side Adventure, you will increase the chances of business success while in all situations, you can have personal success with the right mindset. Outside of a tragedy or medical reason, you will never end your vacation early and here are 6 reasons you can’t give up once you begin pursuing your idea.

Growth and Learning

When you are in pursuit of something you do things that you would not do regularly because you don’t have a big enough reason to. The pursuit or adventure as I call it, helps you grow and learn and if you are learning and growing, failure is impossible. When planning a vacation, you put in the time to find the best hotel and plan an itinerary and once at your destination, you wake up excited every day with a clear purpose. Pursuing something of your own will give you the same drive and clarity.

A Bad Habit

Quitting is a habit you do not want to start, for it may be the hardest one to break. If you tell your brain, even once, that it is ok to quit – then it makes it even easier the next time things get tough.

The “what if” may haunt you for years

There are many instant gratifications that people attempt because they do not want to feel like they missed out while they were young. Pursuing a side venture or any business is long term gratification, but only if you stick it out, learn by failing and along the journey gaining a deep understanding of why you are even in the game. If you don’t “jump” you’ll never know what is on the other side.

Poison Your Mind with Excuses

Quitting is easy. There is always a reason to be found or an excuse to be made. ‘I don’t have enough money.’ ‘I don’t have enough time.’ ‘I can’t sell anything.’ Yet for every reason there is to quit, there are just as many reasons NOT to quit. If you look for a reason, you will find it.

Give Joy to Naysayers

Even those that want the best for us can become mired in jealousy or envy, even unknowingly. Gaining success can be threatening and those same people you want to impress may unconsciously wish for you to fail. People find it easier to pull you down to their level compared to raising up. Be that person that inspires people around you to rise up instead of giving them the joy of saying “I told you so”.

Your Finish Line Might be Just Around the Corner

If you were running a marathon only a major injury would stop you from finishing if you had half a mile left. The problem in business and life, is that you don’t know when that finish line is coming so you should keep going. The finish line might not always mean business success but success is more of a mindset and feeling instead of something tangible.

You are the only one that can make and realize you're dreams or your goals. Knowing what they are, visualizing them completely, and then pursuing them with a dogged determination is the only way you will make your dreams a reality. Never, ever, give up.

Comment below and share other reasons you should not quit.

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