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5 Rules To Create Momentum

If you find you are constantly distracted and often procrastinate, it’s time for you to work on developing some rules so that you can remain disciplined when trying to achieve your goals. When we stop doing the things that aren’t right for us, this is when the biggest breakthroughs in our life happen. Follow these simple tips below to help you begin taking action and create momentum.

Momentum Trigger Rule

The momentum trigger rule encourages you to stop thinking with your end goal in mind at all times, and instead take that first step to put something out into the world. For example, if your end goal is to take on photography, just begin shooting and sharing your work with the world no matter what the photos look like. This will enable you to gain momentum and be able to create a habit that you can continue to repeat over and over again until you get closer to your goal.

Everyday Rule

If you’ve got a dream or goal, it’s time to find thirty minutes a day which you’ll carve out specifically with that goal in mind. If something is important to you, you’ll be able to find half an hour each day to work on it and believe me, over time, that amount of time can change your life. If your dream is to write your first book, sit down for thirty minutes a day and write. Little by little, you’ll be one step closer towards your goal, and each day you can add on more time as you get more involved in your project.

The Challenge Rule

If you’ve ever heard people talking about habits before, 90 days is one of the marks that’s often discussed for implementing real change. If you have a goal in mind, set yourself a 90-day challenge and get started. Commit to this challenge and use the 30-minutes a day rule to get closer to your dream by taking action.

The Motivation Triggers Rule

Find something physical that triggers you into action, whether that’s a note on your wall or every time you sit in your car. When you sit in your car, for example, it can trigger you into action, and remind you that you are ready to take action and work towards being your best self every day. A great idea if you need more of a nudge to take action is setting reminders and alarms on your phone to get started with a project or your thirty-minutes a day of work.

The “Say No To” Rule

If you’re anything like me, you probably find it incredibly hard to say no to some things, even when they add no value to your life. Have a list of things you are going to drop from your life, which you can create at the start of each month. While we often have goals we are adding to our list, it’s important to drop some of these goals each month so that you can open up space for other things in your life.

By adopting these rules, you’ll be far more likely to find success in your life and building massive momentum for yourself. Action is the only way to achieve your goals in life, so use any or all of these rules above to get one step closer towards your goals each day.

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