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4 Signs That Tell You It's Time To Move On

Over the last few months I have had several people reach out to me to get my advice on their current employment situation, which many feel at some point. A job that financially allows one to be comfortable with your lifestyle but for some reason you are not happy and lack enthusiasm for the work you are doing. This is a common issue many face at every level. The first thing you need to do is take ownership of your happiness. If your happiness is dependent on another person then you have already lost the game. Are you being proactive to place yourself in more favorable situations that make you happy? Are you putting in the work instead of expecting things to happen, just because? If you are and still unhappy, below are some signs that maybe it is time for change.

Not Being Challenged

If you no longer feel any sense of challenge each day at work, this is a clear sign that it’s time to look for a new role. While this could mean you should push yourself to apply for a promotion or a different role within your current company, sometimes it means changing industries. While it’s good to feel extremely competent in your work, your brain thrives when it’s challenged. Don’t throw away your potential just because you have outgrown your current position. Try and find a new role that will inspire you every day while you’re at work and make you feel like you are putting your knowledge and skills to good use. Don’t become a slave to your paycheck.

No Room for Progression

If you know there’s no space for you to progress within your current company or organization, for whatever the reason may be, then it’s a sure sign that it’s time to move on. You are better off trying to take your talents elsewhere before you are stuck at the same level for years or decades of your life. The same thought applies if there is no opportunity for a pay rise. While you may be content with your current paycheck, you need to consider if you are happy for your salary to remain the same for the foreseeable future. If the answer is no, then it’s time to start hunting for a new role elsewhere.

Low Job Satisfaction

Many different factors can result in low job satisfaction, including poor management, difficult coworkers and a lack of recognition for your hard work. If you constantly feel like your hard work is being ignored, and your motivation is diminishing, this is a clear sign that you have overstayed your welcome in your current company. You just want to make sure that your perspective matches up with reality. What you perceive to be as working hard might not be accurate as others might be delivering more value than you are but you are not aware of it. Asking for honest feedback is the best way to achieve this. Just be ready to hear things you might not want to hear, but you need to hear.

More Interested in Other Projects

If you are constantly seeking out projects outside of your own team or department, this is a clear sign that you are not interested in your own job responsibilities. Curiosity and learning are great characteristics but if they come at the cost of not performing at your best in your current role then you should seek out ways to make the projects you're interested in your formal role.

If you are currently going to work every day and feeling any of these feelings and emotions listed above, it’s a sure sign that you are ready to move on. It’s natural for all of us to outgrow any situation in life, and that includes job roles and companies. Life is all about growing and growth is a direct contributor to happiness, so when the time is right, take a step towards the job role you want so you can wake up every day feeling excited for the day ahead.

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