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5 Signs you can go from idea to MVP (minimal viable product)

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

You might be wondering how you can tell if you are capable of taking an idea to a working product. Thoughts that might be going through you are head are, “should I spend my own savings and time?” “What if nothing comes out of it?” You have never done such a thing in your life and you have self-doubt. My initial message to you is that do not let fear and doubt control your desire to go after your goals. Live with the mindset of “No Regrets” and go for it. If things don’t work out, the worst that can happen is gaining of knowledge and experience that you can apply to your job and to your next idea.

With this in mind, there are some personality traits that should give you confidence.

You finish things you start

No matter what the task, if you have committed yourself to performing it, you finish it. This could be anything from running a marathon to setting up a business, taking your kids to school every day or writing a novel. Once your mind is set on a goal, it’s as good as done.

You are always learning

Even when formal schooling stops, you realize that there is a wealth of information out there still to be learned, and you set out to acquire it. Whether this involves taking college classes, online courses, reading books or finding a mentor – you intuitively know that there is much more than you need to know.

You are resourceful

Your mind never stops coming up with solutions or new ways to do things. You may think about the same situation over and over again until you eventually solve the original problem – and possibly stave off future one.

Those who surround you out earn you

If all the people you spend time with make more money than you do, you will eventually reach their level. This is an equation that goes both ways – when you are young, your friends define who you are; if they are a bad influence, you too, will eventually find yourself in trouble. As an adult, if your friends are more successful than you, then you too, will find yourself rising. Like attracts like.

You want to win

The drive and desire to achieve greatness in life may be the biggest indicator of your future success… in fact, you may be obsessive over it. You mull your future and make plans on how to get there, naturally incorporating all previous traits mentioned in that journey.

Final Thoughts

While there is no tried and true rule to predict success, these particular signs are found in more successful people than not. Mentors, Teachers, CEO’s and Millionaires can spot them, and now you can too.

Share below other signs you have observed.

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